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Matti made his first ski-jumping attempts at the age of seven near his home town of Oulu. When his older brother Jussi and his friend Lauri Hakola moved to Kuopio, Matti followed them. At first it was quite difficult to be independent at the age of 16, but he got much help and support from his brother, with whom he was living at the time. The help of his new coach Pekka Niemelä, whom he met at the sports school in Kuopio, also quickly helped him advance. In the same year Matti had his first real successes and won medals at 1997 and 1999 Junior World Cups.

 Thanks for all messages, from now on I'll be just a tourist in ski jumping competitions!... I just looked this forum after some time and, I don't know how, but here's much spam messages so I don't know how long this site will be on anymore. I'll put my last blog, or try to put it, soon. Both finnish and english.

See ya, Matti (22.4.2012)